Monday, 2 March 2009


so i was thinking last night, and at first i thought there would be three scenes involved in my animation, but now im thinking it should really be split into 4!

the fourth scene comes into play when the Girlfriend(still unnamed, i just cant name my characters for some weird reason!i normally name everything, even unsignificant things) is involved.

the third scene would be about how his clothes got dirty and how the flowers get ruined, right at the end of the scene.

it's no extra work for me, just a better strategy plan of how to split up the workload, the parts i am most interested in animating first will be the buying of the flowers and the ending scene. i intend to work on these first most likely, unless i have a specific reason not to!

Apart from that i have just been re-vamping my site . it was looking tired so im trying out a couple of looks, im just unsure what i want, i think i like how i have it now, but that is likely to change!

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  1. Your site is looking awesome now! Congrats, I love the colours - it's looking very swish!

    Oooh, even a little About Me now, you fancy girl!