Saturday, 5 September 2009

Gaming fix

Recently I can't seem to get enough of playing games. If I am at home I will play the xbox or pc, if I am out and about I am rarely without my DS. On top of this I play the DS before I go to bed and its the first thing I pick up after my glasses in the morning! It is addictive to play games once you are hooked, and it is all you can think of doing. But it makes me happy and it is about the only thing nowadays that relieves my stress :) I simply love games.

Yesterday I finished the secret of monkey island special edition,
now I am playing through the tales of monkey island,
on the ds I am playing through broken sword directors cut, just played through lego indy and have started lego batman.
To top this off I get the rest of my gamer fix by playing Devil may cry 4 on the xbox 360, along with viva pinata and whatever else is close to hand.

I felt like divulging my addiction due to my recent gaming seesion lasting more than 2 hours solid. Normally I would never play that long in one session but I was hooked on playing devil may cry, the only reason for stopping was due to the cramp in my arms :P

So what other addictive games would people recommend?
what is everyone playing right now?


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Random thoughts for today

I have a lot of random thoughts for today
1. I should learn to get up before midday and go to bed before 12 at night!
2. I should finish things i start.
3. I should do my laundry
4. I should paint again - its been too long
5. I should by nicer coffee in future, I prefer Gold but never buy it because it is more expensive...but it tastes sooo good.
6. I want to finish monkey island tonight, so I can start on the tales of monkey island.
7. I shoudl remember to check my emails everyday and actually reply when i read it, not 'later' which never happens :S

thats all for now.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

an update?????

Summer seems to be flying by and not a post from me. Obviously my time has been taken up with dare, so I havnt had time to play about and make much stuff in my own time (although I wouldnt mind to :P have some nice ideas, just dont have much energy to put into it right now...)

Anywayz, had to buy a new xbox 360 after a 'you know what'. It reminds me of the time I was playing my good ol' PS2 and knocked it completely off the table, launching it quite high into the air, where it then landed on the floor, knocking the backplate completely off. The amazing fact was not only was I playing a game at the time, which happily kept running throughout the whole experience without a single scratch, but with a quick snap of the backplate back into place and placing the console back on the table I was back into gaming in seconds of the incident. These where the days when consoles where built great! Now with an xbox 360, a slight shudder will scrath the disc making it unplayable and simply by playing and loving the console will cause it to die? This makes me appreciate my lovely blocky, unnatractive PS2 sooo much. * Hugs PS2 and plays it :) * okay so with that said I will leave the subject.

On other notes I have found a new song which I love. Played with my ihnstrument of choice the ukulele :) "Your biggest fan" by Never Shout Never. been tapping away to it all morning :D Sean even caught me dancing secretly while humming it :3

lalalalalalala (me singing in my head) stum stummity stum (me playing my imaginery ukey)

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


cant wait for this :)

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A bit of fun

so to fill my time I have been dabbling in little things, and the last two days, I have been looking at doing a low poly character - ds style

so here is my attempt so far...

she comes in at 508 tris I think, I am doing the texture at the moment. A simple but fun little character. I will finish the texture, I have only blocked things in right now, but I thought I would share the DS style fun :) enjoy

Random image for today

Monday, 4 May 2009


So next I have been trying different ways of creating ambient occlusion.
- through render layers
- nodes
- and finally baking

So I eventually figured out how to bake the textures (took a while, and even after I had done it right, I couldnt find the stupid thing!!Maya decides if will save it in a completely new folder...didnt spot that one. Thanks to liam who pointed that one out. I was starting to get Maya rage!)

So this is the dice now with normal map, baked ambient occlusion and a specular map.