Monday, 2 March 2009

Scene 3

and this takes us up to the end of scene 3. The next part i need to tackle involves the girlfriend. I need to model a simple scene for the characters to be in. Im thinking doorway, so then you can have that nice kinda sectional view from either side of the door. He rings the doorbell on one side and the shot will encompass her flat and we will be able to see her walk towards the door. Just thinking out loud here.


  1. Aw, his flowers got stuck in the door! Poor guy : ( but it's a happy ending for him though, right?

    I like the environment and the style you've chosen, it all looks like icing!

    This is a big-ass animation you're doing, it's cool that you're putting so much into it.

    (Would have commented on the final scene but I wanted to take this post's comment virginity instead of being a copycat - hope you don't mind!)

  2. hehehe icing makes me want cake now!

    it is indeed a happy ending, ill be posting the final scene story board soon, hopefully.

    i know im taking on a lot but its something that will most likely be aproject over summer to finish. I just really want something i can show as a full project for me - before my final year!

    thanks for taking a lookie :)