Sunday, 1 March 2009

Crit week

ok so next week is crit week, and now i need to pull all the work I have done so far together.

alot of the work I have planned for is research for essays and my persuasive narrative piece. I intend to come to a final decision on the information I want to use for my film. as it is a very personal piece i wish to do it justice, so i am being very careful in what i choose. i hope to have my decisions made by the end of tonight.

My work on prototype will be coming to an end on tuesday, where our second prototype will be presented. There will be a final presentation on the 16th...i think and then that will be over! I was very happy with what i produced, and i worked very hard in my role as art lead on this project. This was decided in a coin toss! But i think i took up the role to the best of my abiltity. there were plenty of difficulties i had to deal with, and normally i wouldnt have had the confidence to take this responsibitly. But i intended to prove i could do this role, and i think i made a good effort. I am just glad it is coming to an end, i need to focus on my animation and Persuasive narrative pieces now.

So on tuesday morning, the day of my crit group, i hope i will have much more to show, as long as i keep working hard tomorrow!

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