Wednesday, 25 March 2009

animations ups and eventual downs

So I was very happy with the progress I had made with animation and was all set to do the facial aniamtion which is what I had been looking forward to. Then disaster after disaster came.

First I noticed one of my elbow controls had gone, leaving my arm to be stuck in one position, not good for when I want to animate a hug at the end. Then because I had blocked out the animation with the keyframes, I found I was having great difficulties locating what was animated and what wasnt...anyway it turned into a big mess. I thought I was doing the right thing by being organised and blocking out my animation but it turned out I was giving myself more hassle and work. Now I am starting again from scratch because it all just got messy after that. I spent last night trying to sort out everything into some sort of sense.

I now have a clean slate to work on and have started animating from scratch. I am glad I know exactly what I am animating, and what shots I am using, so I am glad I was organised, and if I work hard I will be able to produce a nice piece of animation. I was very demotived yesterday because everything finally seemed to be getting back on track with coursework and life in general, but where things go up they must come down, and it was a nasty shock for me!

Anyway I have picked myself up and have started animating. I have over 2 seconds of good animation so far, so if I keep working hard at this pace, I should have a rough animation by the weekend, which I can then work on nicely. I am determinded to push myself and get this right. Luckily I have finished off most other things, so I can focus on this till it is done.

Hopefully nothing else will happen before the weekend.


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  1. Keep it up, it'll all be over soon.

    I know you'll pull through in the end :)