Thursday, 12 March 2009

Painting weights and creating backgrounds

So I have finally started painting the weights on the character, took a while to get to this stage but I am finally there, its a great relief to final be able to move her about without it looking very weird indeed.

So now I can finally begin work on the pre vis of this scene, which is the one i am msot interested in animating right now. A lot of this scene will involve the facial expressions of these characters, so it will be very important that I plan out the exact emotions and reactions of the characters concerning the situation and each other throughout the scene.

Apart from animation work I am creating the backgrounds for my film piece, it is going very well so far. I was having a few problems at the weekend with finding the best way to put across my point and found I was not saying what I wanted to say at all, with that in mind I started again and found the words which conveyed my idea fully. I am much more happy with it now.

With all that going on and putting in an application for dare, it is surprising i find any time to do anything else, but recently I have been very keen to get cracking on fully understanding and implementing all the different mapping techniques on to low poly models, so i have been doing a lot of research into that, and practicing a little, but have not creating anything yet. I want to have at least a few hours to myself to actually do it properly, then I will try creating my first piece, I am sure it will take a LOT of practice to get right, but that is why I want to do it now.


  1. I love the crazy depth of field feeling you have on your backgrounds :) makes it all dream like and cool. :)

  2. s'lookin great :)totally agree with the depth of field on the images above, very cool XD