Monday, 23 March 2009

O hello!

ok so now I have blocked out my animation up till this point, been working on it on and off, while finishing off the rest of my work. I filled in the gaps where i got bored the previous day. So basically now the man walks up the stairs fully, and the girl walks to the door a bit better, I got the hip rolls in and the arm movement in, but I still feel the steps are a little to big, I would like her to totter on her heels a little more, but I am going to focus on the facial movement now for the moment and i can come back to tweaking and in-betweening after I have the rest in. I dont know how long it is so far, i know there is over 300 frames worth there once it is fully animated, maybe a little that would be roughly over 12 seconds by my calculation (300/24). Once the facial animation is in and the finishing hug, it will definetely be long enough for submission, probably longer than the 30 seconds, but I doubt that will matter. Since Brian knows I am working towards a longer animation that I will finish in the next few months when I am a little more free.

I will be working on the later today so hopefully will have up so of the facial shots later.

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  1. I like the way she's standing lols.

    Keep up the good work my beautiful Red!

    x x x x x