Friday, 17 April 2009

Quieter Days

Ok, so now that hand-ins are done and dare is over for the moment, I would think to be having some quieter days. But I feel like life is a never ending cycle of things you have to do, giving you very little time to do the things you want to do.

Essay writing for one. I don't mind writing them, actually they can be quite enjoyable once you get into writing one, but they are time consuming, and I often find I get a numb bum from all that sitting around, and my fingers get sore (because I have to retype so many things, since I am a terrible speller at points!)

Recently what I have wanted to do is model, texture, rig and animate a small character for fun, and have not yet found the time, to properly commit myself to my small project, but I think today may be that day...I hope, but I must write some essay stuff first.

Yesterday I did look back over what I had done so far, but did not really do much more. This was due to a complete and overwhelming tiredness. After almost sleeping in yesterday morning, luckily Liam woke me up, I was in a total panic to get to the hospital for 9am, I wasnt surprised I was knackered, but I had been hoping I would get more done, so today I am going to be PRODUCTIVE! (o and btw I want to have a quick moan about the parking at Ninewells and hospitals in general. I think it is awful making people pay to park at a hospital. Especially if they have an appointment, I know this is all been discussed before, but really...Also the cark parking at ninewells is extremly confusing, last time I was there I was there I left at night and wasnt paying attention to my surroundings, but it is all over the place, literally!)

Anyways, I think I am actually trying to avoid work now, so I am going to stop moaning...

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