Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dare continued

ok so the next day i pick up my purse from the lovely dare staff and they still tell us that we wont hear back for a while, fair enough.

Liam bought me viva pinata!such a nice game , thank you Liam :) so I play that when I got home.

Liam went for a nap, and I was playing games. I went down for a drink and hear my phone ringing, most unusal, I dont normally get a lot of calls, unless its serious! So i ran to get my phone, before i missed it. It came up unknown number, which I get a lot so still answered it.

O gosh, people from dare?? I almost peed my pants!!They couldnt get hold of out team leader , murray, so i was next on the list, We had got though! i didnt know what to say, i think i just said, "really wow!" Afterward i check my phone, murray had called me 7 times!!! hahaha he must have been stressing! I went up and told liam who got in contact with murray, and calmed him down! Me and Liam were like YEY!

I cant believe we heard back so soon, after been told so many times, we wouldnt hear back till next week!

Anyway so there is out little dare story, told by me!

Congrats to all who got through, I am sure you are all just as excited as me :)


  1. I Was so stressed i got chest pains!!! No really I did going to the doctor this week! Let hope I dont drop during dare ;/

  2. Yeah, well done Faye on getting through! Pass my congrats to Liam and the rest of your team too. I'll look forward to seeing what you guys make!