Saturday, 11 April 2009


Ok so after many days slaving away on coursework, then straight on to slaving away on dare presentations, it was finally time to present on wednesday. so off we all trooped (most teams having to travel to Galsgow from Dundee, how irratating, but a nice day out!) to the BBC Scotland to present our teams and ideas.

I have to say i was extremly excited, even though i did doze off on the bus. When we finally got there it was all about the wait, seeing the other teams come and leave, I too just wanted to present.

Surprisingly enough the sun came out. I have never yet been to Glasgow in the sun, it looks nice when it is sunny.

we were not allowed to go up to the proper canteen, which was a shame, beaucse the BBC's canteen is really good :) I guess with so many teams coming, it would dhave been hard to keep an eye on us, they would be worried they might try to use their shed or something!!! To my delight though, theye were offering more choice in their small snack shack downstairs, and even better they had my fav, Baked potatoes, then it got better, cottage cheese too! That put me in an excellent mood!

so it finally came to present, i strangely still felt more excited than anything else, and I am so proud of my team! they were fab. Afterwards we had asked when we would likely hear back, not for another WEEK at least, but I could wait. going back to the bus, our team stopped for something to eat. Liam's phone rings, someone from dare??? Liam paniced, when they mentioned my name, still dont know what he was thinking!!!, but i had left my purse, and thanks to who ever found it, you saved me a lot of worry :) anyway so we finally got home, and Me and Liam quickly headed out again to get to the flock party. We were on the list, and I got a good laugh when we were marked down as: Faye Wright (and Liam :)) , hehe. Anywayz a great night was had, played games, ate, drank and chatted with lots of lovely people, even got a copy of flock! to my surprise. Finally i got to my bed what a long day!

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  1. You're lucky it was marked down as that, Miss purse dropper!

    Besides, I replied confirming our attendance :D Otherwise it would be me, Abertay student, getting in to our Union - and you, Faye, with a big black 'X' on your hand, with no proof of ID!

    I love you though.