Saturday, 5 September 2009

Gaming fix

Recently I can't seem to get enough of playing games. If I am at home I will play the xbox or pc, if I am out and about I am rarely without my DS. On top of this I play the DS before I go to bed and its the first thing I pick up after my glasses in the morning! It is addictive to play games once you are hooked, and it is all you can think of doing. But it makes me happy and it is about the only thing nowadays that relieves my stress :) I simply love games.

Yesterday I finished the secret of monkey island special edition,
now I am playing through the tales of monkey island,
on the ds I am playing through broken sword directors cut, just played through lego indy and have started lego batman.
To top this off I get the rest of my gamer fix by playing Devil may cry 4 on the xbox 360, along with viva pinata and whatever else is close to hand.

I felt like divulging my addiction due to my recent gaming seesion lasting more than 2 hours solid. Normally I would never play that long in one session but I was hooked on playing devil may cry, the only reason for stopping was due to the cramp in my arms :P

So what other addictive games would people recommend?
what is everyone playing right now?



  1. Hello darling!

    Dunno if you've played it already, but Elite Beat Agents is *super* addictive. It's a rhythm action game (but it's a good one); you might be interested? Its for DS too :) I just finished all the Ace Attorney games so I'm getting my fix of text adventures with old Kojima games <3 as well as playing Trine with steve. I love co-op adventures forever.

    Hope you're well!

    Much love xxx

  2. I'm restricted to the 360 'cause that's all we've got but I'm catching up on a lifetime of not allowing myself to play games. I've been playing Fable 2 (for hours and hours) and between sessions I'm totally addicted to Hexic - it's got the effect of Tetris; you're matching up colours instead of shapes but it really occupies that obsessive compulsive part of the brain. I raccommend it with caution, you might end up hexagon-eyed! :p